Coconut Lime Verbena 1 oz.

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    Coconut Lime Verbena - Take zesty, tangy citrus limes and blend it with creamy coconut, and you get an uplifting and energizing fragrance oil that we call coconut lime verbena.  This is a well balanced blend that smells fantastic in candles and bath and body products.


    FP: ~185 deg. F


    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Suggested Color: Bayberry/Eucalyptus or no color at all.


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    I used this in Goat's Milk M&P and EVERYONE loves it! Great scent!
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    This scent smells more like the wal-mart version of coconut lime verbena rather than the B&BW. I might be able to mix it with something else to make it more pleasant, but I will definately NOT be using it on its own. Very disappointed with this one.
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    This is a BEST SELLER for me and it seems to be HUSBAND APPROVED. Everytime someone orders this scent from me in a candle or melt they rave about how their husbands LOVE it! I use 1 oz per Lb and the scent fills huge living spaces when lit.
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    This is one of the 10 fragrances I bought It smells sooo good crispy and sweet
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    I just made some cp soap with this. WOW! It smells incredible. There was absolutely no acceleration or ricing and it didn't discolor. If the scent stays true it's a total winner.
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