Glass Glow Container Palm Wax 10 lbs.

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    Glass Glow for containers is made from 100% Palm and produces a beautiful crystal-like appearance.


    • Available by the 10 lb. Bag

    • Melting point: 144 deg. F

    • Available in granulated form.


    The exquisite beauty of the crystals are enhanced by the warm glow of the flame.  The appearance of the crystals can vary with different fragrance oils and different pour temperatures.


    • Recommended pour temperatures are in the range of 180-210 deg. F.


    • For best results, we recommend pouring at 200 deg. F.  We recommend insulating the containers with bubble wrap or a towel to allow the crystals to form optimally.


    • We recommend using Peak Prisma liquid dyes for best results.  Liquid dyes are more concentrated than dye chips and will color palm easier.


    • Recommended fragrance useage is 3%.  Use fragrance oils made for candles.


    • Exhibits very good adhesion to sides of container.


    • A low shrink wax.  Larger narrow jars may require a second pour, where as smaller jars (such as our 9 oz. hexagon jars) only require a single pour.


    • For layering, we recommend pouring the first layer at about 205 deg. F.  Allow the first pour to harden and form a wax layer and cool, but not completely cool.  Pour the second layer hotter, around 210 deg. F.



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    Besides heating the jars, you can set them on a rack or silicone baking mat to insulate them. I don't know if bubble wrap would work, the jars get really hot and it might melt onto them...
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    This wax is amazing!It's absolutely beautiful, it makes any color you add just come alive with shimmery, crystal-like beauty, & the cold & hot throw is great!It's very easy to work with, too.I cannot recommend this wax enough.Word of advice-heat your jars before pouring, or the shimmery crystals will only form on the top, not the sides.Try this wax, you'll be thrilled with the gorgeous candles you'll create with it :-)
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    Put your jars on cookie sheets in cold oven, heat to 180 or so degrees while melting your wax, pour wax into jars, turn off oven and wait. I usually do a batch at night after dinner or so and they are just beautiful in the morning. AND...I love peaking at them through the oven glass. I'm so impatient. No need to wrap them or anything. Just try not to open the oven. I know.. it's hard, but the results are amazing. Good times, great fun.
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    I love this wax. I make candles from beeswax, soy, paraffin and palm. This wax is my favorite to work with. It throws scent no matter what fragrance i use, unlike finicky soy. Wicking will be different from other waxes, because Palm is a totally different wax. CSN 12 or CSN 14 work best in my 3 inch diameter jars. I do NOT wick for full melt pool. Rather i let it tunnel for the first inch or two. Then the palm wax "weeps" from the sides into the melt pool giving both a great glow and awesome hot throw, CDN wicks in the same sizes are my second choice. Forget everything you know about other waxes and work with this wax the way it wants and you will never fail.
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    Glass Glow Palm wax burns down first and then burns out towards the edges of the jar. So it will take longer for a melt pool to form. For any jar wider than 3 inches across you will need to double wick. You cannot single wick a container palm wax (in large jars). RRD's or CSN's work best. Hope this helps! It is an amazing wax...but be patient with the test burning process. Palm wax Simply does not melt like paraffin or soy waxes. And when you get a wax/FO combo that works you can use that as a starting point for other palm wax jar testing. Just have fun with it. HTH
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