Lavender Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Lavender - The familiar lavender fragrance. This one is sharp out of bottle, a little goes a long way. Needs a couple of days to cure to lose the sharpness. The hot scent throw is very pleasant and sweet.

    FP: ~190 deg F.

    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Works very well at 1/4 oz per pound of wax!

    Suggested Color: Lavender or purple. 

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    Love this! Great price too! Will always get it from Peak!
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    Bought from another company - not at all like real Lavender. However, yours is perfect! I put 8 oz. plus 2 oz. pure EO Lav per 10 lb. of Palm Wax - it's absolutely lovely... I also carry 3 other Lav blends - Mandarin, Vanilla, & Rose. The true EO allows for relaxation, but your fragrance Lav helps keep my TLC candles affordable!
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    I used this to make melties but it smells more like baby powder than lavender. I'm not quite sure how well this one will sell.
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    I had people that did and did not like it,and then I used part lavender and part eucalyptus in a mist bottle along with additive and now they all love,love,love. I mix others that way to. great lavender makes you stress free.
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    I have tried many lavenders from many places. This is the very best I have found. It is very strong which I prefer as I can use less if I want it softer. Thank-you Peak for this perfect fragrance!
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