Cornucopia Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Cornucopia - Bountiful with crisp apples, pears, plum, grapes, nuts, and hints of caramel, this fragrance is perfect for fall.

    FP: >200 deg. F

    Wax candles only. Not for use with soap or skin care products.

    Suggested color: Plum, golden honey, brown or mauve.

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    I adore this scent. Apple, nutty undertones. It's fall in a bottle and makes great candles with great throw. I use it all year round.
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    One of my all time fave scents!
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    This is a very Autumn-y type smell. For me, it was very strong, too strong. Might want to test a smaller amount of fragrance with this one?
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    Interesting scent smells great with ecosoya cb advanced. Soy it isn't so! Candle Co.
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    At first when I opened the bottle I didn't like the scent, but once I poured it, it smelled like nutty apples. Great for the holidays!
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