Asian Sandalwood Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Asian Sandalwood - This outstanding scent is sweet, but not too sweet, with calming woody and peppery notes.

    FP: 210 deg F.

    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Suggested Color: Brown

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    I tried this in my CP and found it to accelerate pretty rapidly so be prepared. It's an interesting scent, lighter than most sandalwood fragrances I have used with some other herbacious notes added in. I didn't notice any discoloration. I swear I smell a faint note of dill in there but my bars are not yet fully cured. It's a nice fragrance, just be ready if you're using it for CP and don't try to get fancy.
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    Great Smell! My customers really love this scent and so do I!
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    This is a very mild sandalwood scent. Only 3 stars because IMO sandalwood should be warmer and sexier. I was trying to duplicate a sandalwood candle I get from Target that is amazing. This will need to be mixed with something else. I used it in a soy candle at full fragrance load for GW 444 and some coconut oil. The cold throw is much better than the hot, but that might be the wax.
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    Did not like this scent at first but it grew on me the more I smelled it.
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    When I first tried this scent in CP soap, I hated it! I used 1oz ppo and it was STRONG it filled my entire house with the scent, stuck in my nose. Anyway, after it cured for a couple months it settled down and now I find it very complex and sexy. I think guys would enjoy this one. So, maybe don't used quite as much and let it calm down before making your final judgment.
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