General Candle Making Information

handy calculators for candle making Handy Calculators
A growing list of interactive calculators to serve the candlemaker.
safe candle containers Safe Containers
Article on what constitutes a safe container for candle making.
Water bath for candle cooling Water Baths
Instructions for setting up water baths for the purpose of cooling candles.
scent color suggestions Color Suggestions
Assistance in selecting colors to match your fragrances or scents.
scent mixing ideas Scent Mixing Ideas
A collection of scents you can creat yourself by mixing other basic scents.
metal tape to seal candle molds Metal Tape to Seal Molds
An alternative to using mold sealer.
comparing scent throw Comparing Scent Throw
How to effectively use your nose to evaluate scent throw in finished candles.
low cost wax melter Do-It-Yourself Wax Melter - Step by step instructions for converting a Presto Kitchen Kettle into an efficient, cost-effective wax melter with a handy spigot for easy dispensing