Fine Fragrance Oils

Fine Fragrance Oils can be used to make candles, bath & body products, and fine fragrance perfume sprays.  Unlike traditional Fragrance Oils, these are formulated for safe use at higher concentrations desired for perfume sprays and are intended to be soluble with water and alcohol. These fine fragrance oils are not intended to be mixed with water alone.  We recommend using these Fine Fragrance Oils in leave-on bath & body applications at a maximum of 15% without causing skin irritation. These fine fragrance oils are formulated to work well with our wax and soap bases at normal concentrations and can be used in numerous applications.

Perfume Sprays: While the concentrated fine fragrance oil might smell "good" in the bottle, it should never be used at full concentration as it can cause skin irritation.  Dilution in ethyl alcohol and water allows the fragrance to be displayed as it was intended (diluted), and also reduces the likelihood of skin irritation.  Please visit our tutorial to learn how to make your own exciting Fine Fragrance Perfume Sprays!