Wick selection involves many variables such as wax type, candle diameter (width), fragrance oil density, and personal preference.  Please note that the wick size recommendations throughout our website serve merely as a rough guide and are subject to your own testing to determine suitability for your specific application.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your final product.  For testing purposes, we offer wick sample packs which come with a variety of sizes of wicks.  Wick sample packs are an excellent way to go while you're still in the testing stages.  We cannot accept returns on wicks and strongly recommend individual testing. 


Our pre-tabbed wicks are primed with high melt wax (212F) and have a round tin base (20 mm) with a 6 mm neck attached that helps keep the entire wick assembly standing upright.  This prevents it from flopping over as the candle burns down to the end.


Choosing a wick can be challenging, but with proper testing can be easily overcome.  It's a good idea to keep notes of wick size, wax type, fragrance type and amount, pour temp, and candle diameter so that when you find your perfect burn, you can do it again!


Cotton Core Wicks have a rigid inner core that will help keep your wick standing straight while burning.  Our cotton core wicks also have a color coded inner core, incase you misplace your wick before noting its size.  We recommend cotton core wicks for soy and paraffin.  Cotton core wicks tend to "mushroom" less than other wicks.  Mushrooming leads to increased soot production due to carbon build up.


Flat Braid Wicks are not waxed or tabbed.  Flat braid wicks are often used for pillar candles or tapers.  Flat braid wicks are a bit more self trimming then square braid wicks.


HTP Wicks were designed for more viscous waxes, such as IGI 4627, to minimize carbon buildup.  HTP wicks are a bit more self trimming than others, and often have a slight curl to them.


LX Wicks have a unique braid that minimizes carbon build up.  LX wicks are recommended for paraffin candles.


RRD Wicks are recommended for viscous waxes such as palm waxes.  RRD wicks are made of a unique cotton braided wick that curls slightly.


Square Braid Wicks were originally designed for beeswax candles.  Square braid wicks are unprimed (raw) and untabbed.  Recommended for paraffin or soy pillars.


Zinc Core Wicks have a rigid zinc core that keeps them straight while in melted wax.  Zinc core wicks are very popular and very easy to use.  Zinc core wicks tend to "mushroom" more than other wicks do, but proper wick size and trimming can reduce the mushroom.  Zinc core wicks are recommend for use in paraffin waxes and gel wax.  Our zinc core wicks are available primed (waxed) and tabbed or unprimed (raw) and untabbed.


Wick Sample Packs are available for all types of wicks offered, except flat and square braid wicks.  We strongly recommend wick sample packs for testing. 


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