16 oz. Mason Jars Jar w/ Gold Lid (12/CASE)

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Prices shown are per case of 12 jars (includes selected lid color).


16 oz. mason jars, also known as half pint jars, are offered with a variety of lids to choose from.  Please select your lid choice.  The default lid is gold.


Dimensions, jar only:

Diameter: 3-1/4"

Height: 5-1/4"



square mason jar with gold lid


square mason jar with silver lid


square mason jar with black lid


square mason jar with rustic lid


square mason jar with pewter lid


square mason jar with white lid

Gold Daisy Cut

square mason jar with gold daisy lid

Pewter Daisy Cut

square mason jar with pewter daisy lid

Customer Reviews

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Love these, but if you fill them all the way to 16 ounces, they will be to the brim or spilling over, unlike the 8 oz jars that leave about a half inch of space when you fill them to 8 oz. I find that 14 ounces fills these nicely.
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Nice jars. These mason jars have two flat sides where you can easily attach your labels without any elevated surfaces to get in the way. The lid selection is also nice and the different lids fit perfectly. The jars stand very level as well.
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