2.5" C-30 Cotton Core Pre-tabbed Wicks, 100 pcs.

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    Cotton core wicks are a nice alternative to zinc core wicks. The cotton core wicks have a round tin base (20 mm) with a 6 mm neck attached, which helps keep the entire wick assembly standing upright and prevents it from flopping over as the candle burns down to the end.

    • Braided with long strand cotton, which provides a consistent burn.
    • Exhibits a slight curl when burning, which minimizes carbon buildup.
    • Primed with high melt wax (212F), which aids in keeping them straight in the molten wax.

    • 2.5 inches long. For votives, tealights, and small containers.
    • May need to wick up for soy or other veggie waxes.
    • Size recommendations are a guide only as wick sizes may differ as your own needs/recipes differ.

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    Woops! The last review should have been a 1 star review. I would never give this item even 1 star if I didn't have to.
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    Wimpy! They do not burn in a votive size soy candle. The wick itself is very thin, similar to cheap store tea light wicks. As soon as you light it, the wick itself burns up completely...right to the wax. There is the smallest flame before it goes out. I will never order this again. I fear it would not even work in a tea light.
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