#3 Square Braid Wick, 10 Yards

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    Available in 10 yard packs or by the 1 lb. spool (~ 211 yds/lb.)


    Originally designed for beeswax candles, but used by many candlemakers for all types of wax. Gives a slight curl when the wick burns that results in minimized carbon build-up and enhanced combustion.


    Suitable for 4-4.5" diameter paraffin pillars.


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    I love these square braid wicks! I use this size for 3.5in soy pillars (ecosoya pb). I prewick my molds and have found that if you twist the wick several times prior to pouring your wax, it helps the burn pool a great deal. Since these wicks curl at the top, the heat tends to burn toward the curl. This can create an uneven burn pool and cause one side of the pillar to spill over. If you twist the wick prior to pouring the candle, the wick untwists as the candle burns thus causing the curl to rotate and distribute a more even flame and burn pool.
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