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6" C-70 Cotton Core Pre-tabbed Wicks, 100 pcs.

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    Cotton core wicks are a nice alternative to zinc core wicks. The cotton core wicks have a round tin base (20 mm) with a 6 mm neck attached, which helps keep the entire wick assembly standing upright and prevents it from flopping over as the candle burns down to the end.

    • Braided with long strand cotton, which provides a consistent burn.
    • Exhibits a slight curl when burning, which minimizes carbon buildup.
    • Primed with high melt wax (212F), which aids in keeping them straight in the molten wax.

    • 6 inches long. Use for 3"- 3.5" diameter candles.
    • May need to wick up for soy or other veggie waxes.
    • Size recommendations are a guide only as wick sizes may differ as your own needs/recipes differ.

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    I've used these wicks off and on for a year now and I find that they tend to mushroom a fair bit, leaving a lot of debris in my candles. I'll be switching to a different wick to see if I can't get better results.
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    i have used many wicks from many companies however i keep returning to peak candle supplies for my wicks, candle scents, and other needs i recomend if u are sceptiacl try their wicj sample pack . I like cotton the cotton core wicks and the Zinc core wicks. the both duit my needs and my customers have no complaints.
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