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6 Cavity Break-Away Tart Molds 10 Pack

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Break-Away Tart Molds for making tarts.  Each Clamshell has 6 cavities per mold.  Available in Quantities of 10, 50, or 875.

1" x 1" x 1".  Each cavity holds ~ .4 oz. of wax

The recommended pouring temperature is 140F or less.

Made in USA.

Clamshells back

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These are fantastic and such a great price. I see others mentioning the amount of wax they hold being under 3oz - I use Ecosoya CB Advanced Container Blend wax for my tarts and each one of these molds holds 3oz. I've weighed them time and time again to check. I do fill mine all the way up to the very tip top, however, level to the top edge. I sell out of them as fast as I can make them.
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best price around and awesome quality
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I Loved these! Made over fifty to give to family and friends for xmas last year. Will be ordering again this year!!
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I really like these. Mine weighed in at 2.6oz. These were so easy to make, but I did have two that leaked, pouring at 145 degrees. I started pouring at 140 and no more leaking. I am ordering my second 100, today.
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We sell these so fast we can't keep any in stock. We sell them for a dollar a piece less than the name brand and sell as many as we make. We love Peak Candle Supple
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