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Aroma Beads 1 lb.

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Aroma beads can be used to make air fresheners for your home and car.  So quick and easy, just add scent of your choice and color if desired.  Follow the simple instructions below to make your own!


1.  Fill a container with the desired amount of aroma beads.  To keep things simple, we started with 4 oz. of aroma beads, which fills up a 9 oz. hexagon jar nicely.


2.  Add fragrance oil. We recommend using anywhere between 1/2 and 1 oz. of fragrance per pound.  Stir with a stick, spoon, or put a lid on and shake.  Allow the fragrance to cure for a period of about 24 to 48 hours.  The fragrance oil will soak into the beads when it's cured.  The more fragrance oil used per lb. of aroma beads, the longer the cure time.  Add color sparingly, at about 1 drop per lb or less.  For best results, we recommend using our liquid candle dyes.


3. Find an old baking sheet and preheat oven to 200 deg F.  Set your favorite cookie cutters on the baking sheet and pour the beads into the cutters.  Bake at 200 deg. for 45 min.


4. Place your new freshener in an cute organza bag to hang in your car or home.



Another option for the aroma beads is to place them in jelly or mason jars, fill with fragrance and color, and cap with our daisy cut lids.  The daisy lids can be used with our 4 oz. jelly jars, 8 oz. jelly jars, 8 oz. square mason jars, and the 16 oz. mason jars.  Please visit our containers section for our complete selection.  The daisy cut lids have openings to allow the scent to fill the room.  No baking required!


The cure time will depend on the amount and type of fragrance used.  Each fragrance is different.  We encourage you to experiment to find what works best for you.  Enjoy!

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These beads and this company's scents are fantastic. I scent my beads, wrap them is thin, cotton cloth and stuff them into the center a poly filled squares of silk/satin embroidered with flowers or initials about 5" x 5 ", embellished with lots of satin ribbon to make lingerie sachets.
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I just made some for the first time and I love them! I bought jelly jars to place them in car's. I purchased the aroma beads to sell as a fundraser for our youth group. Everyone loves them!
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Awesome! I love these. I was buying these from another company for twice the price. They scent easily. I do not bake mine, but I put them in organza bags after cured and sell as sachets. love them! My customers can't get enough of them either! Gotta keep this one in stock!
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I really like Peak products. there consistency is excellent and to find me them when one warehouse is out looking for them in another one. They come well packaged in a thick bag tied . They are working well for my needs to make air fresheners.
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These beads are great! I have been going crazy making car fresheners with them.
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