Beach Daisies Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Beach Daisies- Imagine a day at the beach surrounded by sun, sand, and beautiful beach daisy flowers! This fragrance is complex, yet soothing and playful. Blended with asian lemongrass, dune grass, daisy petals, gardenia bloom, ylang-ylang, clove leaf, blond woods, amber sands, and sheer musk, this fantastic fragrance is inviting and uplifting!


    FP: >200 deg F.

    Safe for gel and wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Suggested Color: Golden honey/vanilla, yellow, orange, or pink.

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    This scent screams SUMMER to me! A little floral, a little ozone, very fresh. Nice and strong in soy candles and CP soap.
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    Five stars for the scent - floral with some suntan lotion in there. Makes excellent candles. However, this fragrance did accelerate my CP soap worse than anything I have ever tried, and I won't be ordering it again for soap.
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    I've tried many scents and this is the first and only one I did not like much, which is weird because every individual scent ingredients are ones I'm very fond of, especially lemongrass. Blended something was off. Maybe it's me
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    I've had this in my stash for a few years and never opened it till today. I could kick myself. It is awesome. I think it's better suited to b & b; can't wait to make some lotion or body spray with it!
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    It is a unique scent, to me nothing like the description. When I smell it, it makes me smile and I smell it again! Powdery and subtle
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