Breakfast at Tiffany's Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Breakfast at Tiffany's - Maple, sweet spices, coconut, and vanilla accents on a crisp ozonic base of linen.

    FP: >200 deg F.

    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Suggested Color: Ivory or Golden Honey/Vanilla.

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    Such a unique fragrance and is well received. I've made this one both hp and cp and it soaps beautifully. I had plenty of time to do my colors in cp. It does discolor to a darkish caramel, but worth planning accordingly. Scent sticks extremely well. Winner!
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    Soaps beautifully in CP... does discolor to a caramel color, so you simply need to plan for that. No accel or ricing. Holds scent very well. My 2nd batch of this beauty :)
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    This is a one of a kind..Clean..sweet but not to sweet just a wonderful smell. this will be in my line up please keep this sent if more people would try this would be a best seller
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    I love this unique scent. A hard one to explain, but addicting. I love this one in my soaps.
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    After pouring a candle with this scent I thought I could actually smell coffee in this scent. It was awesome because you could pick out the different scents. That doesn't happen very often with some. While maple sometimes can be strong in some scents this one did not take over. Great Job Peak.
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