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Comfort Blend (single pour)-IGI 4627-25 lbs.

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    25 lb. Bag.  $1.96/lb. Description A smooth and creamy specialty candle blend designed for container candle manufacturing.
    Congealing/Melting Point (ASTM D938): 125°F(51.7°C)
    Needle Penetration @77°F(25°C)(ASTM D1321): 160 dmm

    • Controlled batch consistency
    • Good single pour properties under optimal conditions
    • Exhibits good adhesion to glass containers
    • Very good burn characteristics, with excellent hot/cold throw. General Guidelines:
    • Preheat glass containers to 125-149°F to allow for better side-wall adhesion.
    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 175-185°F (79.4 to 85°C).
    • Can accommodate up to 10% by weight of fragrance.Use fragrances and dyes specifically designed for candles.
    • Different wicks may be needed depending on dye/fragrance combination. HTP wicks are suggested. This wax generally does better with wick sizes larger than would normally be used with plain paraffin (Wick-up).
    • Oblong or non-uniformed shaped containers may require slower cooling.
    • This wax is sticky and can be messy to work with, but has excellent scent throw.

    Also available in 2 lb. Samples or 50 lb. Cases.

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    Im so glad that I found this wax! Perfect throw and candles looks awesom!
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    Also..the cold and hot throw is way better than any other wax I have ever tried!! I have tried a lot of different waxes! All these reviews can't be wrong! I use 2oz of FO per pound of wax, sometimes 1 1/2 oz for stronger FO's. Added the FO around 130* then poured into heated jars. Stirred in the FO for awhile to make sure it blended into the wax. (fo -fragrance oil) Works every time!
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    I have always used soy...until now!! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I ordered the sample size to try which came in tubs (I am SO THANKFUL). It is messy but just use a glove and it is no big deal! A lot easier than slabs by far! You will not regret ordering this! I will never stop using this and ordering from Peak IF IT COMES IN A TUB! THANK YOU!
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    I'm just getting my feet wet with making candles. I've tried different waxes from Michael's which were horrible, then I discovered Peak Candle IGI 4627. This wax has ended my search for a great container wax that exhibits an WONDERFUL scent throw.
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    Im a beginner and wanted to try my luck with soy)GB 464) but I just couldn't get the type of scent throw I was looking for. I ordered the sample size of the IGI 4627, to see how much of a difference the waxes would make,and IMMEDIATELY ordered a larger quantity of this wax. I used a lemon chiffon FO and my entire house was filled with the scent. I did have a time trying to get the wax out of the container but ended up using a metal spoon which made my job easier.
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