Comfort Blend (single pour)-IGI 4627-25 lbs.

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    25 lb. Bag.  $1.82/lb. Description A smooth and creamy specialty candle blend designed for container candle manufacturing.
    Congealing/Melting Point (ASTM D938): 125°F(51.7°C)
    Needle Penetration @77°F(25°C)(ASTM D1321): 160 dmm

    • Controlled batch consistency
    • Good single pour properties under optimal conditions
    • Exhibits good adhesion to glass containers
    • Very good burn characteristics, with excellent hot/cold throw. General Guidelines:
    • Preheat glass containers to 125-149°F to allow for better side-wall adhesion.
    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 175-185°F (79.4 to 85°C).
    • Can accommodate up to 10% by weight of fragrance.Use fragrances and dyes specifically designed for candles.
    • Different wicks may be needed depending on dye/fragrance combination. HTP wicks are suggested. This wax generally does better with wick sizes larger than would normally be used with plain paraffin (Wick-up).
    • Oblong or non-uniformed shaped containers may require slower cooling.
    • This wax is sticky and can be messy to work with, but has excellent scent throw.

    Also available in 2 lb. Samples or 50 lb. Cases.

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    I'm just getting my feet wet with making candles. I've tried different waxes from Michael's which were horrible, then I discovered Peak Candle IGI 4627. This wax has ended my search for a great container wax that exhibits an WONDERFUL scent throw.
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    Im a beginner and wanted to try my luck with soy)GB 464) but I just couldn't get the type of scent throw I was looking for. I ordered the sample size of the IGI 4627, to see how much of a difference the waxes would make,and IMMEDIATELY ordered a larger quantity of this wax. I used a lemon chiffon FO and my entire house was filled with the scent. I did have a time trying to get the wax out of the container but ended up using a metal spoon which made my job easier.
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    I just made my first candle with this wax and the only thing I have to say is WOW! So easy just follow the guidelines and you will have pretty candles. After so many attempts with soy wax this wax made me really happy with the final results.
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    I started with a 2-lb sample of IGI-4627 and liked it so much I bought a 25-lb block. In small containers I can get away with a single pour. I use a lot of 12-oz Prestige Jars, which generally require a second pour to give a nice even look. This stuff is soft and sticky, so I use a metal spoon to scoop it out like ice cream.
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    I don't normally give reviews and I don't take surveys!, However I have to say this wax is amazing!! Combined with stearic acid the colors that you end up with are nothing short of astonishing! I have worked strictly with Soy since 2006 and have found many Fragrances that just don't work well. With the IGI-4627 the scent throw with the mildest fragrance is an easy 10 on anyone's scale. This will be a staple in business for the rest of time !!! Carry On. Ray; Salt Lake City
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