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Comfort Blend (single pour)-IGI 4627-CASE

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    50 lb. Cases  Description A smooth and creamy specialty candle blend designed for container candle manufacturing.
    Congealing/Melting Point (ASTM D938): 125°F(51.7°C)
    Needle Penetration @77°F(25°C)(ASTM D1321): 160 dmm

    • Controlled batch consistency
    • Good single pour properties under optimal conditions
    • Exhibits good adhesion to glass containers
    • Very good burn characteristics, with excellent hot/cold throw. General Guidelines:
    • Preheat glass containers to 125-149°F to allow for better side-wall adhesion.
    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 175-185°F (79.4 to 85°C).
    • Can accommodate up to 10% by weight of fragrance.Use fragrances and dyes specifically designed for candles.
    • Different wicks may be needed depending on dye/fragrance combination. HTP wicks are suggested. This wax generally does better with wick sizes larger than would normally be used with plain paraffin (Wick-up).
    • Oblong or non-uniformed shaped containers may require slower cooling.
    • This wax is sticky and can be messy to work with, but has excellent scent throw.

    Also available in 2 lb. Samples or 25 lb. Bags.

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    I ordered a sample of this to try ages ago and never got around to actually using it until just recently. I had no idea what I was missing! I've been a diehard soy wax user for years because it's so easy to work with for melts and containers as well. However, let me just say that I've been totally converted to this blend for containers and don't think I'll be returning to soy for containers ever again. I'll stick to the soy (pillar blend) for my melts as they're easy to work with and snap off portions out of the molds, but this Comfort Blend will now be my go-to container wax. The hot AND cold throw with this wax and PEAK's Bayberry at 1oz/lb is crazy intense. So pleased! Now to wait impatiently for it to come back in stock!
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    This is by far my favorite candle wax. It cures to be quite soft but the scent throw is unbelievable. I store in a cool area and then just use a wooden spatula and I've had no problems. I transferred from the larger container to to a smaller container to help reduce the messiness. It's very soft and creamy. My next batch I'm going to try adding a hard year is just a little bit too soft for the summer months the melting points 125
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    I absolutely love this wax. I tried switching to soy, but just don't think it performs on the same level as this wax. This wax can be messy, but such a small price to pay for single pour, fantastic scent throw, and perfect glass adhesion. :)
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    It's a mess, especially if you are a small producer like me and don't have a large wax melter. Still, it can be done. I've found that putting it in my freezer prior to working with it is a great way to get around the messiness--not to freeze it solid, just harden it into a workable state. On the flip side of this, the wax makes beautiful candles and is truly a single pour product.
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    I have to admit, I am fairly new to this but the difference between scented pillars and now this is EXCELLENT. I am glad I found this wax as my first container wax. I will NOT switch. the scent throw is AMAZING. I used this wax in a mint/eucalyptus scent and it is RIDICULOUSLY fragrant. Cold throw is Amazing as you can smell it from the other room. I used 2 oz. of FO per pound with vybar ..xtra large wood wicks. I am in CANDLE HEAVEN.
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