Cotton Core Wick Sample Pack

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    Not sure what size you need and don't want to be stuck with 100 wicks that you don't need?  This is the perfect way to try these wicks out and select the size that is right for your application.  Sample pack includes 5 of each size of our Cotton Core wicks. Total of 50 wicks.


    Cotton core wicks are a nice alternative to zinc core wicks. The cotton core wicks have a round tin base (20 mm) with a 6 mm neck attached, which helps keep the entire wick assembly standing upright and prevents it from flopping over as the candle burns down to the end.

    • Braided with long strand cotton, which provides a consistent burn.
    • Exhibits a slight curl when burning, which minimizes carbon buildup.
    • Primed with high melt wax (212F), which aids in keeping them straight in the molten wax.

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    This wicks are great. It was a very wise choise to try different sizes of wicks to mach perfectly to the size of a jar and type of the wax. I tried with Soy Blend 135 and works great, however in my case it didn't work well (or the way I wanted)with Advenced Soy Blend. Didn't try with any other.HTP wicks worked a lot better with Advenced soy blend.
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