Cranberry Apple Marmalade Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Cranberry Apple Marmalade - A festive blend of crisp apples, peaches, oranges, spiced cranberries and cinnamon.  Middle notes of black currant, cassis, clove, and vanilla spice add a sense of warmth to this delightful fragrance.  Zesty, cozy and warming!


    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.


    FP: ~150 deg. F


    Suggested Color:  12 drops red liquid dye and 3 drops burgundy/mauve liquid dye.




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    Got this as a free sample and so glad I did since I would never have bought it in a million years because it sounds so odd. But this is one of my favorite holiday scents to date. I ordered a lb and still loving it! Nice tart festive apple scent with a little spice to it.
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    I was planning on using this in soap but the max usage level is only 0.36% according to the IFRA statement (!) so I put it in EcoSoya CB-135 instead and the HT was light and had a sort of plastic smell to it. Not too happy.
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    This is my new favorite holiday scent. Very inviting, very tingly..... Makes a killer body butter.
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    Nice scent but ..not very strong in 100% wax (hot throw).
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    I got a bar of soap in a swap that was fragranced with this one....I absolutely wanted to lick the bar of soap. I ordered it immediately and really don't want to share!
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