Flat 5-3/4 x 9-3/4 Poly Bags (Pack of 100)

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Clear Poly bags have many many uses! Use poly bags for candle storage, bagged soaps, craft storage, and food storage.


Holds up to a 3" x 5" candle.


Our poly bags are exceptionally clear to allow your beautiful creations to be attractively packaged and displayed.


Our poly bags meet FDA requirements for use in food applications.


The unique vapor and moisture barrier prevents moisture from penetrating the package and extends the shelf life of products.


Offers exceptional clarity.


Our flat poly bags are side sealed to prevent tears.





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I couldn't do my business without these bags! They lock in fragrance and look professional. I also store my leftover scented wax in them. Perfect!
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I have used these bags with ease. They are crystal clear and DO hold the sent in the item. A big sell point to consumers. *TIP Place the candle upside down in bag, flip over,(now the candle is right side up in bag), fit plastic bag to candle, trim extra plastic from the bottom of candle, and place a candle seal/warning sticker on plastic to secure. very pro.
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