Fragrance Sampler Pack: Choice of 10

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    Here is an opportunity to give our fragrance oils a test drive. Go to the fragrance oil section of our website and choose 10. Write them down on a piece of paper, then enter them in the boxes here. You will receive ten 1 oz. samples of the fragrance oils you specify. If you leave any blanks, we will choose random samples for you.

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    I love the sample pack of fragrances they have the best scents.I have been buying them since May and I love all the scents I have bought. Thank You Peak Candles.
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    Best company to order fragrances and soap. I am very pleased to have found a company that sells good quality products along with great customer service!
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    Love this sent!!! Sample pack is a great deal also.....will be ordering more
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    By Far the best scents Ive tried, The Sample pack allows you to try 10 Different ones to find you're favorite... I love this company - I give them 5***** and would recommend them to all.
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    PEAK is the ONLY place to buy FO's, I'm a must compare everything addict, I started soaping with Peak & should have stayed here, needless to say I wasted my time. All other companies in comparison smelled inferior or dilute and the freebie is just icing on the cake!!!...there is one company I didn't try but...why?
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