Fudge Brownie Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Fudge Brownie - Hot fudge brownie coming right up! Smells just like the real thing. Chocolaty and nutty.

    FP: >200 deg. F.

    Wax candles only. Not for use with soap or skin care products.

    Suggested Color: Brown and Black mixed.

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    Love it! My husband tried to convince me that it would not smell good. Because the other candles that we have smelled with this sent didn't smell good. But I tried it and I am glad I did. It smells good enough to eat
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    I love this scent! Every time I have this candle burning, guests ask if I'm making Brownies. Love it!
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    Chocoholic's DREAM candle! Smells exactly like melted chocolate and fudgy brownies.
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    This smells absolutely devine in the bottle! But when I put in my soy candles it smelled just like a chocolate tootsie roll and nothing like brownies! I still love the scent and even name those candle,"Chocolate Tootsie Roll," but would like for the scent in the bottle to have carried over in my candles.
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    I'm really disappointed in this fragrance. It smells SOOOOO good in the bottle but when I put it into a paraffin/soy mix, I couldn't smell anything! UGH I had such high hopes for this one
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