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GW 444 Soy Blend SAMPLE

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    Sample size is 2 lbs.

    Also available in quantities of 10 lbs. or by the case.

    GW444 is a container soy wax -98% soy with 2% soy based additive.  This wax has a melt point of 120-125. It can be poured at a hotter temperature and still achieve a smooth and creamy top.  The soy based addtive helps minimize frosting.  Does not mix well with beeswax.  Great for mixing with paraffin.  Recommended pour temp is 130 deg. F-140 deg. F. Recommended fragrance usage is 6% - 9%.


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    This wax holds every scent I have ever tried - even vanilla based scents. Pour at 125-130 for 16 oz mason jar. I use LX-24 wick for heavy scents. No cracked tops, little or no sink-holes. Some frosting the more scent you add. Burns great. Works well with the LX Series Wicks. Love it!
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