GW 464 Soy Blend Wax 10 lbs.

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    GW464-   For container candles.  98% soy with 2% soy based additive.  This wax has a melt point of 115-120.  It can be poured at a hotter temperature and still achieve a smooth and creamy top.  The soy based addtive helps minimize frosting.  Does not mix well with beeswax.  Great for mixing with paraffin.  Recommended pour temp is 130 deg. F-140 deg. F. Recommended fragrance usage is 6% - 9%.


    The lower melting point of this was allows it to create a melt pool faster than the GW444 and GW415, assuming the same size wick and container diameter.

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    I keep coming back to this wax. I've tried others, like the one that takes more FO, but I can smell no big improvement over 464. I've also tried a so-called advanced soy, which has practically no throw at all! I'm sticking with 464. Easy, even melting and a superior hot and cold throw. If I get an occassional mottled top, 2 minutes with a heat gun fixes it nicely.
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    I love this wax, it is the best. Fantastic scent throw. I pour this at 130 degrees and get a perfect candle every time.
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    What a great company the shipping is by far the fast it I experience in the last 7 month I order on wenesday I I have my order in my house Friday I thank you for the gift a lovely FO, to am going to make candles tomorrow I will keep you post it Thanks
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    I don't know if it was something I was doing wrong but I went through 8 different candles and it turned out horrible. The tops sometimes turned out good and sometimes needed a repour but after a few days the wax had severe frosting all over, you couldn't even see the color anymore. I love the "naturalness" of soy wax but it is truly an art! That I just cannot get, so I'm anxious to try paraffin!
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    At first when I tried this wax after working with soy advanced, I was not happy at all, first batch had a sink hole and frosted really bad! But after playing with a couple batches I love this wax! I just needed to pour hotter then I did with advanced and it came out smooth, creamy, with no frost, no need to re pour and scent throw is better!!
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