Genuine Leather Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Genuine Leather - This fragrance is so realistic, you’ll want to strap on your best leather boots and go for a ride!

    FP: ~160 deg F.

    Wax candles only. Not for use with soap or skin care products.

    Suggested Color: Black or brown.

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    I have been looking for a leather scent feels like my entire life! This scent smells exactly like leather I'm so impressed!! All I can say is thank you for making such a great product. Well done!
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    I had a leather scent from another company. I was actually pretty good, but just a hair off. So, I decided to order from PEAK to compare. And, WOW, this fragrance is dead on! I am very happy with this purchase!
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    Amazing authentic leather scent
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    I have bought leather scents from every vendor possible that I could find online and NONE have EVER come as close to the real deal as this one. PURE PERFECTION! Everyone who smells it and loves leather loves this one. You can't go wrong, and it has great scent throw in soy candles.
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    LOVE this FO! Smells exactly like high-quality leather. A surprising favorite among customers and myself alike. Very clean, fresh scent. Not at all what I expected. Wonderful OOB and strong hot and cold throw in Palm wax. ~Ashley, SassaWax
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