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Glass Glow Container Palm Wax SAMPLE

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    Sample size is 2 lbs.

    Also available in quantities of 10 lbs. or by the case.




    Glass Glow for containers is made from 100% Palm and produces a beautiful crystal-like appearance.


    • Available by the 10 lb. Bag

    • Melting point: 144 deg. F

    • Available in granulated form.


    The exquisite beauty of the crystals are enhanced by the warm glow of the flame.  The appearance of the crystals can vary with different fragrance oils and different pour temperatures.


    • Recommended pour temperatures are in the range of 180-210 deg. F.


    • For best results, we recommend pouring at 200 deg. F.  We recommend insulating the containers with bubble wrap or a towel to allow the crystals to form optimally.


    • We recommend using Peak Prisma liquid dyes for best results.  Liquid dyes are more concentrated than dye chips and will color palm easier.


    • Recommended fragrance useage is 3%.  Use fragrance oils made for candles.


    • Exhibits very good adhesion to sides of container.


    • A low shrink wax.  Larger narrow jars may require a second pour, where as smaller jars (such as our 9 oz. hexagon jars) only require a single pour.


    • For layering, we recommend pouring the first layer at about 205 deg. F.  Allow the first pour to harden and form a wax layer and cool, but not completely cool.  Pour the second layer hotter, around 210 deg. F.



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