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These handy glue pots speed up the process of hot-glueing your wick tabs to the bottom of your containers.

Directions:  Plug the glue pot into an outlet.  Fill the pot with hot glue pellets and allow to melt.  Once melted, apply the hot glue to the base of the wick tab, being careful not to get too much.  A dab usually is sufficient.  Place the tabbed wick into your container. 


Dries quickly. 


Here's a quick demonstration to show how easy it is to use.

bic pen Disassemble a Bic pen. What you are after is the barrel (white). Discard the rest.
pre-tabbed wicks Straighten your pre-tabbed wicks out. They don't need to be perfectly straight.
wicks inside of bic pen Insert a pre-tabbed wick through the barrel of the pen as shown. 6" wicks are good for this. If you have a different length, you may have to improvise. The point of the barrel is that it makes handling the wick much easier.
glue pot While holding the wick within the barrel, apply hot-glue to the base of the wick tab. Using the glue pot, this can be done with one hand.
wick inserted into container Using the barrel to guide the wick, press the tab to the center of your container.
guide removal Slide the barrel off the wick.
wicked container

Done! Wick is quickly secured to the jar!

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This makes wicking your candles a breeze. Follow the directions and you have a perfectly centered wick everytime. Don't know how I got along without it, LOL
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I love this thing, it really helps me get the job done a lot faster and easier!
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This is a very bright idea i will use it for sure. thanks for tips like these
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