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Heat Gun

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A heat gun is a candle makers friend!  A heat gun has many many uses. 


1500 Watts. Economically priced and not intended for heavy duty commercial use.


Use your heat gun to smooth the tops of rough candles, to fill in small holes in candles, scratches, seam lines, or any blemishes or imperfections you are not happy with.


Your heat gun can be used to warm molds or containers before you pour your wax into them. This may help prevent the wax from pulling away from the glass too soon, or to prevent getting jump lines in your wax.


Use your heat gun to warm wax in your molds, pitchers, stirring spoons or equipment.  Once the wax is warmed, use a paper towel to wipe them clean.  They are now ready for your next batch!


Use your heat gun to shrink wrap your candles.

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This heat gun worked great while it lasted...only about three months then it blew.
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Works great to fix those candle blems and clean molds before using them. On the down side: lasted 3 months before dying on me and I didn't run it but a few minutes every candle session (twice a week max).
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Perfect!! I use this for my candles and shrink wrapping my products.
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