Magenta Liquid Colorant 2 oz.

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D&C Red #33. 


A soluble water based liquid colorant approved for use in drugs, and cosmetics. 

A red with a purplish tint.  Clear mediums remain clear with D&C water based colorants, opaque bases become more pastel. 


Recommended useage is about 3 to 5 drops per pound, depending on color shade desired.


Magenta is known to be stable under varying pH conditions and light.  Individual testing recommended in cold process and hot process soap making.


Recommended for bath and body applications such as melt and pour soap bases, lotion making, bath salts, etc. Not recommended in oil based products or candles. 

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Colored my CP soap perfectly with 8 drops to 8 ounces of batter. Maintained a lovely color even through OP and made a beautifully swirled soap!
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