Mold Sealer: 18"

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Used to seal molds at the location of the wick-hole. General rule of thumb is to use more than you think you need. This roll is 18 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. Enough for about a dozen or so molds and can be used numerous times.

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I use this mold sealer without any wick pins or screws. The description says you could wick 12 molds, but I use the amount given for about 4 molds without leaks. If I use less than a very generous amount, then I do have problems with leaks.
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This is a great mold sealer at an awesome price! I have made many pillar candles using this sealer with wick pins and never once had a leak. Good stuff.
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Agree, with high heat, this "sealer", even with a screw in place, melts away and your wax will go anywhere gravity takes it. May be good for soy wax?
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Have used a generic mold sealer from Michael's in the past, but ordered from Peak this time. Three times today, this sealer has melted with pillar blend wax and all the wax leaked out the bottom. Have never had this happen before, I won't be using this again. Sadly, I needed to finish this pillar this weekend, I may have lost a client.
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This mold sealer is not good for palm pillars, it melts with the high heat, and wax comes out of the mold. Don't know how it works for low heat waxes.
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