Orange Ginger Fizz Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Orange Ginger Fizz – Jam-packed with effervescent accents, this sparkling creation engages and soothes the senses with a fresh citrus blend of mandarin and lime. Warm bourbon notes encircle the citrus utopia and merge with cinnamon and clove to produce a warm spicy undertone. Velvety hints of vanilla, musk, and green balance the scent for an intriguing finish. Playful and refreshing!

    FP: 190 deg F

    Wax candles only. Not for use with soap or skin care products.

    Suggested Color: Orange, Golden Honey, or a creamy orange (mix 2 parts Orange Liquid dye to 1 part Golden Honey/Vanilla liquid dye.)

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    Great Summer Scent!
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    This is one of my best sellers!
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    Love this scent. Reminds me of bottle caps candy. Great in candle. Wish it was body safe. I would love to make a matching soap.
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    I like it, but it isn't one of my top picks. It is a bit more "fallish" than I had imagined, with a bit of holiday spicy scent.
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    smells like bubble gum to me, did not care for that smell.
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