RRD Wick Sample Pack

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    RRD wicks are recommended for viscous waxes such as palm, soy and veggie waxes as well as single pour waxes. Use for pillars or containers.

    • A unique round cotton braided wick that gives a slight curl when burning.
    • Exhibits self-trimming burn characteristics.
    • Primed with high melt wax (212F), which aids in keeping them straight in the molten wax.

    The RRD Sample Pack includes 5 of each of the following for a total of 35 wicks:

    • 6" RRD-29

    • 6" RRD-34

    • 6" RRD-37

    • 6" RRD-40

    • 6" RRD-47

    • 6" RRD-50

    • 6" RRD-55

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    this was the perfect system for helping me find the right wick for some really hard beeswax. The rrd-29's i'd used normally just couldn't handle this stuff. Turns out the rrd-47 was perfect for the votives i was testing.
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