Raspberry Truffle Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Raspberry Truffle - Indulge in the sweet pleasure of chocolate and raspberries! Smooth chocolate truffles filled with delightfully sweet raspberries, raspberry liquer, and whipping cream.  Dusted with cocoa powder for a tempting treat!  A perfect scent for Valentine's day, or any especially sweet day. 


    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.


    FP ~ 200 deg. F.


    Suggested Color:  Brown or layers of brown and burgundy/red.


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    Love it! I used in my soy candles. My work area smelled sooo good. Smells just like a raspberry truffle
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    One of my favorite smells. I use it on my burner and the entire apartment smells yummy!
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    Yummy smell!! I bought this to use with my oil warmer. Can't wait to try it.
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    This really discolored for me in my soap. I went by the review that stated no A or D and tried it for something I wanted to stay light colored but instead I ended up with a batch of deep caramel colored soap. Very strong scent in the soap but I wish I would have had a warning it would discolor so bad.
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    Absolutely delicious smelling! Worked great in CP soap. I made a 3 color swirl of cream, burgundy and brown and it is fabulous! Smells like you want to take a bite out of it.
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