Rose Bouquet Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Rose Bouquet - Absolutely like a bouquet of fresh roses. Highly potent, but not at all sharp. A 1/2 oz. per lb. will make a whole house smell like your local flower shop.

    FP: ~135 deg. F.

    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Suggested Color: Pink, red, yellow, or no color at all.

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    It is the most beautiful rose fragrance oil I have ever smelled. Relaxing, "dream away" kind of smell, very potent yet fresh and not too sweet. Like fresh cut roses delivered to your door on a rainy day. Also great to mix with other fragrances to sweeten it a bit, sprite it up with some orange or powder it down and play. Love the scent.
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    I am a massage therapist & reiki practitioner. I create my own massage oils. The ladies love this fragrance, it's light, yet captivating & so relaxing. It isn't overpowering & it makes one feel as if they have entered a rose garden. I also make m/p soaps & give samples to my clients & have gotten rave reviews. In my opinion, I feel that your company has the best quality of fragrance oils that I have ever used. Your oils are the only ones I purchase & I love them!!
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    When I smelled this scent oob I couldn't wait to make it. The cold throw smelled so good like fresh picked roses, and very strong hot throw. I love it and definitely will be ordering this scent again!!
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    Did not smell good to me at all! The scent worked though in my products, I just didn't like the smell.
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    Amazing rose smell, i would be ordering more ;)
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