Seamless Aluminum Pouring Pitcher: 2 lb

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This is a small seamless aluminum melting and pouring pot. It holds 2 pounds of wax or m&p soap. For safety reasons, it should always be used in a double boiler fashion. It is made for small batches.

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This was my very first time making Wax Melts. I used just 15oz of wax plus dye and scent. It worked Beautifully! However I am going to buy the bigger pouring pitcher from Peak as well as I plan on making candles and more Wax Melts.
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This is perfect for small amounts. I would use nothing less on my tarts. I would have given it 5 stars, if it was labeled as a 1.5 pound capacity. I just decided to pour two pounds of wax for my tarts and used this pot. NEVER AGAIN!! It melted almost to the top and was very difficult mixing the dye and F.O. in. And I made a huge mess all over the counter when I poured! I use the deep fryer pots like the ones in a tutorial on this site. And I use the black clips that you see used in offices. Used to clip paper, but way more bigger and sturdier than paperclips. I hope you can understand what I am talking about, because they make a world of difference.
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I originally bought the larger pot & found that since I only do small amounts at a time the thermometer never touched my wax. So this one is much better for doing testing candles, tarts and smaller amounts. the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that it wants to float in my double boiler pan.
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