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Single Pour Container Wax-IGI 4630A-SLAB

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    10 lbs.  Melting Point: 125 deg.F
    IGI 4630A, formerly known as IGI R1945, is a low shrink paraffin blend.

    • A smooth creamy wax that displays very good burn characteristics and sidewall adhesion.  

    • Preheat glassware to approx. 125 deg. F for better adhesion.
    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 160 to 180 deg. F.
    • Use fragrances specifically designed for candles.
    • Exhibits single pour behavior under optimal conditions.
    • A pre-blended wax that does not require the use of additives.

    • Suggested fragrance usage is 6%.


    Also available in 2 lb. Samples or 60 lb. Cases.

    Customer Reviews

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    I'm just learning to make candles as your customer service girls can attest to. They are all so helpful. I was getting really upset with my candles showing bubbles or wet spots. I was heating my jars and wrapping them. They told me sometimes glass containers will do that. So I quit stressing over it. These girls went through this with we about 3 years ago when I started learning to make soap. I cannot say enough about Peak's customer service. No matter how dumb my question might be they always are courteous and helpful. Thank you, Customer Service. You are the best!
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    I really like this wax as it is creamy and is easy to cut. But...I agree with the review makes all my colors/dyes lighter. Any red, orange, etc that I use comes out pink-ish. I thought it was just me, so I'm glad to know others have had this problem. Going to have to go back to the harder variety of wax, unfortunately, as color is important to me when making candles.
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    Love love love this wax. It has cut down my time in making container candles. Clients comment on the cold throw it gives. You would think it is a soy candle by the look of it. I have not had a problem with the wax not adhering to the wall of the jars. I make sure my jar is heated first and wrap them to keep them warm before I pour. Can't thank you enough for this single pour. I am so glad I found your company.
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    So far so GREAT. Sent throw is good. Burn time in tea lights is unreal ( 7-8 hrs.). Great is tins as well.
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    Awesome,awesome wax to work with. It almost has the quality of soy but in paraffin. Our containers came our beautifully. I have been searching high and low to find something with a single pour capabilities and this was it.
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