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Small Wick Centering Tool Pack of 6

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Wick centering tools provide an easy and fast way to center your wicks every time! 


• Made with a flexible and heat resistant plastic.


• The wick centering tool sit on top of the container and secures itself on the container by wrapping itself around the outside of the jar. 


• The placement will not interfere with the tops of  your candles.


• Stays securely attached without shifting.


• Easy to use!  Once candle is dry, remove wick centering tool and trim wick.


Small Fits 2-3/4" diameters:


4 oz. Flower pot votives

4 oz. Jelly Jars

8 oz. Jelly Jars

8 oz. Mason Jars

16 oz. Mason Jars


Customer Reviews

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These work awesome, the best way to have centered wicks. I love them need to get more, saves a lot of time.
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The most genius product for candles that I have come across aside from the wick centering tool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!
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