Soap Making Starter Kit

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This kit contains everything you need to begin making Melt & Pour soaps:

• 1 Oval Soap (different then what is shown) Mold
• 1 lb. White Glycerine Melt & Pour Soap Base
• 1 lb. Clear Glycerine Melt & Pour Soap Base
• 1 Glass Thermometer
• 1 oz Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil
• 1 oz Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Sea Green Liquid Soap Colorant
• 2 oz Magenta Liquid Soap Colorant
• Complete Instructions With Pictures

Updated 4-14-16 4:30 pm MST

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So easy to make. My granddaughter (5) and I had a great weekend making soaps and candles. We have decided to purchase enough to make christmas gift.
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