Soy Container Candle Starter Kit

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Want to make soy candles?  Our soy container starter kit will get you going and on your way.  Each 8 oz. tin holds about 5.5 oz. of wax.  Our soy wax kit comes complete with instructions and the necessary products to begin soy container candle making. 

• 10 Lb bag of Ecosoya Container Blend 135 Soy Wax

• 1 Seamless Pouring Pitcher (capacity: 2 lbs.)
• 8 Seamless 8 oz. Tins with Lids
• 1 Glass Thermometer
• 2 oz French Vanilla Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Clean Cotton Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Lilac Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Spiced Cranberry Fragrance Oil
• 2 oz Spruce Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil
• 25 Pre-tabbed Cotton Core Wicks (C-60)

• 1 oz. Blue/sky Liquid Dye
• 1 oz. Red Liquid Dye
• 1 oz. Yellow Liquid Dye
• Complete Instructions


Updated September 23, 2014.

Customer Reviews

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My husband bought me this kit because I love soy candles and wanted to make my own. This kit is so easy to use and has everything you need! I love it and my 9 year old daughter even enjoyed helping me. The instruction booklet seems a little outdated and could be a little clearer, but it was easy to figure out.
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I received my starter kit in a couple of days after ordering it and I made my first candles last night. Thanks for making my first experience with candle-making so easy and fun!
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Could not believe how much this made, filled all the tins, plus I experimented with tarts, excellent and you get more than you pay for!!!
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I received my kit Yesterday I love it! Will be ordering soon!
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My kit was simple to use. The thermometer was left out of my shipment but they sent me one after I called. The candles look and smell great. I'm disappointed in the burn as they are tunneling right down the middle and leaving a lot of wax unused against the container. I followed the instructions and cut the wick to 1/4 inch. I'm wondering if the wicks included in my kit aren't appropriate for this kit? I noticed in the reviews that someone else mentioned this result as well.
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