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Starburst Palm Wax 10 lbs.

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    Starburst (IGI R-2778) Palm wax is designed for use in making beautiful pillar and votive palm candles.


    • Available by the 10 lb. Bag

    • Melting point: 138 deg. F

    • Available in granulated form.


    Starburst Palm wax creates a pattern effect that is one of a kind. The crystal patterns can vary with different fragrance oils and pour temps.


    • An opaque wax.


    • Recommended pour temperatures are in the range of 180-210 deg. F.


    • For best results, we recommend pouring at 200 deg. F.  We recommend insulating the molds with bubble wrap or a towel to allow the crystals to form optimally.


    • Maximum fragrance load recommended is 5%.  Use fragrance oils made for candles.


    • We recommend using Peak Prisma liquid dyes for best results.  Liquid dyes are more concentrated than dye chips and will color palm easier.


    • For layering, we recommend pouring the first layer at about 205 deg. F.  Allow the first pour to harden and form a wax layer and cool, but not completely cool.  Pour the second layer hotter, around 210 deg. F.




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    This wax is so beautiful... I used the regular dye chips, and I got this snowflake-like result. The candle is actually sparkly like snow on the ground. It really does un-mold itself, and forms a very strong pillar. The wax is so easy to use also. I will definitely be getting more!
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    Beautiful results!! Its a great wax, but did not release as well as everyone else says it does.
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    Rather than using a towel around the jars, I used an old crew sock, put the jar way down so it was sitting inside the sock in the toe, then cuffed the sock down 3-4 times so it fit snugly around the jar. Worked really well & the patterns from the was in the jar were awesome!
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    The pictures of how this wax looks don't do it justice! The crystals it forms are just beautiful. Mold release is super easy. I love not having to wait for it to cool off before pouring. I wrapped my molds in a kitchen towel after pouring and cooled on a wire rack. I'm so pleased with the beauty of this wax. It's unbelievable!
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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wax.. soo easy, and BEAUTIUFL!! I tried a bunch of wicks for votives and pillars and the CSN brand works the best.. CSN 9 or 11 for votives, and CSN 12 for 3 inch pillars. Customer for life on this wax.. thank you soo much! :)
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