Straight Paraffin Container Wax IGI 2281 - SAMPLE

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Sample size is 2 lbs., give or take 0.1%

Also available by the slab or case.

Very similar to 1343, but not for pillar candles.

Fully refined straight paraffin wax suitable for container waxes. Wax will mottle under the right conditions. Melt point is 123 deg. F. Not suitable for pillar candles.

Without any additives, this wax is very translucent and produces a charming glow.

• Add fragrance or mineral oil to create a mottled effect. Mottling can be improved by cooling candles as slowly as possible.
• Vybar to increase fragrance oil capacity and to increase opacity.
• Stearine to increase opacity.
• Recommended fragrance usage is 3%. Higher fragrance levels yield better mottling, but levels above 5% may result in excess surface oil.
• Use fragrances specifically designed for candles.

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