Strawberry Fields Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Strawberry Fields - Relax as this intoxicating scent transports you to a beautiful sunny field of lush strawberries. Richened with raw cane sugar and peach nectar, this fragrance oil has just the right amount of sweetness, balanced out by the tart, crisp notes of green apples and Muscadine grapes. Gardenia, orris, and subtle ground clove notes help to mellow the scent and prove it irresistible.

    FP: ~200 deg F.

    Safe for candles, soap, and skin products.

    Suggested color: Red or light green.

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    One of the best strawberry scents I've come across and I've tried them all. STRONG!
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    A nice strawberry blend. Mostly a super strong strawberry scent with some other fruit notes and a bit of green.
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    One of my favorite strawberry scents and I've tried many. Smells like sliced strawberries sweetened with sugar. Nice in cp soap and long lasting in paraffin tarts. Five stars!!!
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    This is my favorite Strawberry fragrance. It's smells like a bowl of sliced, sugared strawberries and has very good throw and is long lasting in candle tarts.
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