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    Universal Additive: Inhibits mottling. Increases wax hardness. Prevents bubbles. Increases opacity to some degree, but not nearly as much as Vybar. Also minimizes the occurance of surface pits in molded candles. Improves surface gloss. Increases fragrance oil capacity of wax. Can be used with waxes of any melting point.

    General usage is 1 TBS per pound of wax (2% by weight). One pound of UA will treat approximately 50 pounds of wax.

    MP: 184 deg F. Wax must be heated to above 184 to add this additive directly to the wax. If not, melt separately, then add to wax.

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    I use this in my soy blend, it makes a huge difference in its consistsncy. You can definitely tell when I have forgotten it.
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    I prefer this over vybar. It doesn't rob the wax of tranlucency. Works great to get rid of mottling when you don't want it.
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