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Vybar 260 8 oz.

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    Vybar 260 is intended for waxes with a melt point below 130 degrees F. Vybar 260 is a wax additive used to eliminate bubbles, prevent mottling, increase opacity, and enhance fragrance-oil capacity of wax. This is the way to go to achieve higher fragrance oil capacity. General usage is 1/4 TBSP to 1 TBSP per pound of wax (.5%-2%).

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    Just used Vybar 260 in Golden Brand 464 (Soy wax) and all I can say is wow! I read reviews on other sites and even the other variants on the other Vybar and Universal on Peak Candle and of course read a lot of mixed opinions so I decided to try it myself and the first batch I made was amazing. I would definitely recommend you to try it for yourself as well.
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