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White Bees Wax Pastilles - 10 lbs.

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    The original all-natural wax for candle making. Our white beeswax is scent free. Use as an alternative to yellow beeswax when there is a desire to preserve the whiteness of the candle/ or bath and body application. 100%, white, pure beeswax pastilles. It has been filtered and is free of any debris. It is perfect for making, long burning beeswax candles. Beeswax burns about twice as long as paraffin and does not require repours.


    MP 144 to 149 deg. F

    Often used as an additive for paraffin at a rate of about 10% to enhance the burn time of paraffin candles.


    Cosmetic Grade - In addition to candles, our beeswax pastilles can be used in cosmetics, creams, and lotions.

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    Agree with the other review the no re pour claim isnt so. However the wax is awesome just awesome.
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    This is the best beeswax I've ever used. The candles I make from this beeswax are by far my favorites. I use it for pillars, containers, and votives, and use only square braid cotton wick. Long burning, and great scent throw. However, I have to disagree with the "no re-pour" claim. Oh, and I wish it were cheaper ;)
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