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Feather Palm Wax SAMPLE

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    Feather Palm wax is designed for use in making attractive pillar and votive palm candles.


    Sample size is 2 lbs.

    Also available in quantities of 10 lbs. or by the case.

    • Melting point: Typical ~ 130 deg. F

    • Available in granulated form.


    Feather Palm wax creates a unique crystal effect that looks like feathering.  The crystal patterns can vary with different fragrance oils and pour temps.


    • An opaque wax.


    • Recommended pour temperatures are in the range of 180-210 deg. F.


    • For best results, we recommend pouring at 200 deg. F.  We recommend insulating the molds with bubble wrap or a towel to allow the crystals to form optimally.


    • Maximum fragrance retention is 5%.  Use fragrance oils made for candles.


    • We recommend using Peak Prisma liquid dyes for best results.  Liquid dyes are more concentrated than dye chips and will color palm easier.


    • For layering, we recommend pouring the first layer at about 205 deg. F.  Allow the first pour to harden and form a wax layer and cool, but not completely cool.  Pour the second layer hotter, around 210 deg. F.



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