Plastic Tealight Cups 100 pcs.

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• Made of clear polycarbonate. Tealight measures 1.5" wide and 3/4" tall.


• Our tealight cups are non-toxic and recyclable.


• Manufactured with V-0 rated polycarbonate. Our V-0 rating is the highest safety rating in the industry for plastic tealight cups. V-0 rated means that if a flame is put to the tea light cup, then the flame will extinguish itself within 10 seconds and there should not be any drips of plastic.

Use these for making your own beautiful tealight candles!



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Just made Baby Shower gifts with these cups. I love the weight of them. much more nicer than the ones i was using before. Thank You Peak Candles. Love your Products.
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These are FANTASTIC! They are much more attractive than the metal cups, especially for high end events like weddings. The box they arrive in is fantastic, I so appriciate that they come in a box, not a bag. My only complaint is that they are a bit hard to wick with the plastic bumps on the bottom of the cup.
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I just received these this week and they are so much better than other ones I have tried. Better weight and clarity.
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These container candles make perfect gifts for all occasions. They can be used in any decor of your home adding color and fragrance.
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I like the plastic tealight containers the best because it seems to help the candle burn more evenly and I like to use them in glass candle holders the best. I think they are more decorative than the metal tealight containers. The colored waxes,I feel,are best used in the clear plastic containers. I think tealight candles are alot cleaner and I don't have to worry about any mess.
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