Ecosoya Container Blend 135 Soy Wax 10 lbs.

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    A soft creamy single pour container wax made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils.

    Melting Point 122 deg. F

    • Exhibits excellent adhesion to glass containers.
    • Preheating glassware is not necessary.
    • When using liquid, chip and block dyes or no dye at all, heat the wax to about 175 deg. F.
    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 100 to 155 deg. F. 125 deg. F is a good starting point.
    • Given the same size container, EcoSoya soy waxes require larger wick sizes than paraffin.
    • Recommended fragrance usage is 6% - 9%.


    Our Ecosoya waxes:

    •Are 100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil, GUARANTEED!
    •Are all NATURAL and biodegradable.
    •Are manufactured meeting FDA standards.
    •Are Kosher Certified.
    •Are NOT tested on animals.
    •Contain NO palm wax.
    •Contain NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
    •Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides.
    •Contain NO toxic materials.
    •Are considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.


    A soft creamy single pour container wax made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils.


    Customer Reviews

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    Wonderful wax! I tried and look wonderful, so easy to work with. Peak candles excellent service and products. Staff very helpulf and ready to help. Thank you very much Kacie
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    I love this wax I always buy my product from peak candle thank you scents are great!!
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    I will never buy any other brand or type of wax!! It melts well and the fragrances (Purchased from Peak as well) need no help from additives!! They adhere to this wax just fine!! Thanks Peak for offerd awesome products!
    Was this review helpful?

    I love this wax. When I made my first batch (EVER)it was a surprisingly easy process and I believe the wax had a lot to do with it. Although I had to redo my first candle (not enough fragrance oil, opps) it was so easy to correct and the candle turned out great! I will only use this wax.. Candle companies better look out, I may be on to something (wink) thanks Peak Candles!!
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    haven't recieved product yet, however customer service is great.
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