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GW 444 Soy Blend 10 lbs.

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    GW444 is a container soy wax -98% soy with 2% soy based additive.  This wax has a melt point of 120-125. It can be poured at a hotter temperature and still achieve a smooth and creamy top.  The soy based addtive helps minimize frosting.  Does not mix well with beeswax.  Great for mixing with paraffin.  Recommended pour temp is 130 deg. F-140 deg. F. Recommended fragrance usage is 6% - 9%.


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    I do love the fact of that u can use more fragrance! I am most interested in making tarts....when i have used this wax it ends up swirly and frosted? can anyone help me or maybe give me an idea of what i could use and still b able to use as much fragrance? i want my tarts to b STRONG! thanks in advance for ur help
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    I love this wax,perfect scent throw and can hold more than 10% fragrance oil.
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    This wax offers superior fragrance throw, cold and hot. I did have to wick up and the texture is not as creamy or smooth as other brands. It also left a gritty white texture once the candle was burned.
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    I have tried many different types of soy waxes, and this one is the BEST!! The FO blends evenly throughout the wax and the scent throw is amazing. The wax holds lots of fragrance. I had to pour around 160 for perfect tops. I got little cracks on top, so I had to pour the wax a little warmer and tapped around the glass to release the air bubbles that occured from stirring in oil and color. I really enjoyed the easy clean up with this wax. The price is unbeatable. Thanks Peak!!
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    I love this wax , tried 3 or 4 love it mostly because it;s the only wax I've found where you can add up to 2 ounces of fragrance per pound. I usually do a little over a pound and the throw is great!! Simple to use , would not use an other.
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